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In June 2007, brothers Michael and Sam Totera opened Totera Fine Foods in Maple. Although a young enterprise, their roots in this business were established four decades ago – and their shop quickly established its reputation as Ontario’s best meat and cheese shop.

The sons of Italian immigrants, Michael and Sam Totera began learning the butchery trade at a young age in their father’s butcher shop, which he began in the 1970s. Beginning with store maintenance, they slowly learned various parts of the business and developed their passion for fine foods. Their hard work, dedication and knowledge were key elements needed to opening their own retail and wholesale businesses.

As soon as you step into their shop, you will see how tradition plays a role in their business. They have continued to have a faithful following, building on the relationships they made as children, and are now also providing service to a new generation.

a-job-well-done-sam-toteraWhile taking a traditional approach to their business, the Totera brothers know that their customers appreciate variety; therefore they stay informed and add new products to their shelves every day. From the dry-aged meats to the extensive selection of marinades, Totera is committed to bringing the best to its customers. Most importantly, they enjoy developing strong relationships with their customers, and are always ready with a friendly greeting, an espresso, and a few helpful cooking tips.

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The next time you are near our store, stop by for a new shopping adventure. When you shop at Totera Fine Foods, you are family!