totera-cheeseIf You Love Cheese, Welcome to Your New Shopping Adventure…

More Than 500 Quality Cheeses from Around the World

Fine meats and cheeses go hand in hand. Our store has an extraordinary selection of the world’s best cheeses, and with more than 500 products from high-quality brands, we can satisfy any desire.

Our selection includes a variety of imported and local cheeses, which we research before serving in order to ensure the highest standard for our customers.  Totera Fine Foods has a reputation for quality, as such we like to educate our customers about our products.  We can educate you about every cheese’s origin, how it was made, and why it is special.

totera-quality-cheeseSustainability is also important to us, and we are proud to offer local cheeses from some of the best farms in Ontario.  Our experts can help you find the perfect cheese for any occasion, and as cheese connoisseurs, we are always happy to give our customers our advice.

Taste the Difference!

Stop by today for a sampling. Whether you are looking for a domestic or foreign cheese, you can find exactly what you are looking for at Totera Fine Food.