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Fresh Quality Meats, Organic Meats & Dry-Aged Meats.

Custom Cut and Aged to Your Liking!

Great Meat takes time and skill… At Totera Fine Foods, we have plenty of both. Our experts have plenty of time to give you advice, to research innovative techniques, and to create perfect custom cuts.  We also have the skills to back our high standards; the Totera brothers each have decades of experience in this business, and have earned their reputation for providing the finest selection of locally produced meats.

fresh-quality-meatsOur meats come from sustainable farms that use natural techniques to raise their animals; they are antibiotics free and growth hormone free. You will definitely taste the difference. Naturally-raised meat has a rich, complex flavour that cannot be achieved through factory farming.

We are meat experts, and we are proud of our extensive selection.  We offer naturally-raised organic and dry-aged meats.  Our dry-aged meats are tender and flavourful, and we can cut and age any meat product to your specifications.

Most importantly, we are passionate about our work, and we take the necessary steps to provide great service.  Totera Fine Foods has friendly staff, and treat their customers like family.

Taste the Difference!

When you need quality meats, stop by our store to experience our selection or to speak with a staff member.