Custom Dry Aging for Beef, Lamb, Pork and More…

totera-dried-age-meatIf you have had the privilege of enjoying a succulent cut of meat at a quality restaurant, there is a good chance that you have already tasted the benefits of dry aging.  Totera Fine Foods is proud to offer custom-aged meats in our Maple store.

Dry aging is a process that allows the meat to become much tenderer, the flavour deeper and delicious.  It involves hanging or storing the meat in a dry, controlled environment to remove moisture, which concentrates the flavor.  The meat enzymes also play an important role, which get broken down, allowing this tenderization process to occur.

This process requires excellent sanitation, expensive climate control systems, and a thorough understanding of meat science. A system many stores are unable to offer. At Totera Fine Foods we are pleased to offer this service to our customers on premise. The customer will be educated on the process, choose their cut and actually see it being placed in the dry-aging room.

Taste the Difference!

Visit us today to speak with our knowledgeable staff about dry-aging your next piece of meat.

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